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Introducing the MurisKnits’ Monthly Newsletter!


Introducing the MurisKnit’s monthly newsletter, “Knitting News & Notions”!  At the end of every month I will be releasing Knitting News & Notions which includes a few regularly featured items & columns and I will see what else comes up that strikes my fancy!  I see this as the perfect place to share some of my thoughts, triumphs, reviews and discoveries as I progress through my knitting adventure! Feel free to comment if there is anything you would like to see featured.

Please click on the PDF link below if you are interested in reading this month’s premier issue! I hope you enjoy this new feature, I am really excited to share my latest project!

June 2017 Knitting News and Notions

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And this is why I love my Dollar Store!!

60 little mini balls of yarn in soooo many colours for only $24.00 (& that’s Canadian dollars, so only about $18.00 for those of you in the US)!!!!! Half are 100% cotton and half are 100% acrylic. It’s very fine yarn and remarkable quality for the price, and 40m per ball, 2400 metres in total, perfect for all those little projects! Oh Happy Day!

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Oh Happy Day! Yarn Order Arrival!!

Box Opening3

Living in a fairly small city means that there are very few options for yarn shopping so for a long time now I have been looking for good online shopping options.  Many people have recommended various sites but, as a Canadian, the issue always came down to the horrendous exchange rate when converting from US dollars to Canadian! Even something as simple as Patons Astra becomes ridiculously expensive when buying from a US site. With the exchange, Astra would cost me $5.35 Cdn from Yarnspirations and other US sites. When I buy it in Canada or from a Canadian site, it is only $3.49!!! There is something very wrong about this! I design and knit a lot of small holiday ornaments using Astra, so this yarn is a definite favourite.


I have found the perfect solution in YarnCanada.ca. Not only is the selection absolutely superb, incorporating almost 40 brands with outstanding colour, weight, and type options, but the ability to sort by any of these selections makes for a very satisfying shopping experience. YarnCanada also offers the best pricing I have found anywhere!

The yarn listings include clear images with plenty of details regarding gauge and content, and the ability to create multiple wish lists is an added bonus.  I often have different projects planned for the future and creating a wish list of possible yarn options for each is a very useful feature.

My order was processed extremely quickly, and shipped the next business day, as promised. A tracking number was provided and I was able to track my order right up to the delivery at my door which was a full two days earlier than expected and free shipping for orders over $35.00 dollars!!!

YarnCanada is most certainly my yarn store of choice and I am already planning my next order! I highly recommend this online store, thank you for the excellent shopping experience!

To close, one more photo of the ever present cat!


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Fun with Yarn Scraps!


So, I really wanted to do something fun with all of my yarn scraps other than dumping them on my cat!

I have a vague memory of seeing someone mix all of their scraps with ModPodge and creating a yarn bowl which looked awesome!  I live in a small downtown apartment so surface space is at a premium, wall space however, is still available!

I mixed a pile of my scraps with a small container of ModPodge and spread the messy mix onto a sheet of wax paper. I then covered the entire surface with plastic wrap (wax paper would work too, but I had run out).  I covered the whole surface with heavy books and left it for a few hours and then removed the plastic.  After leaving it to dry over night, I flipped my creation over, peeled of the wax paper and left it for a few more hours for the back to dry, and here is my finished piece of modern art!



The finished effect is just what I was hoping for and whenever I look at it, I am reminded of various projects I completed using some of the yarns!

I still have an entire bin of scraps left so I will have to come up with some more plans of how to use them, any ideas anyone?

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Knitting Goals for 2017

Well it’s nearly April and I am just now starting my list of goals for 2017. Perhaps one of my goals for next year should be to do this a little earlier in the year, but better late than never!

1.  Master working in the round on double point needles. I have no problem with working on circular needles, but as soon as dpn shows up in a pattern, I either turn the page or decide to modify the pattern to straight needles. It’s finally time to get over this once and for all!

2.   Improve Fair Isle skills. I love Fair Isle patterns and have done quite a few items using this technique but I am never happy with the finished effect.  I have seen many tutorials with suggestions on improving, mainly related to how tightly the yarn is carried in the back of the work, so its time to give some of these tips a try! Did you know – true Fair Isle cannot have more than two colours per row? (I didn’t!)


3. Improve Intarsia skills. Similar to Fair Isle, I am never completely satisfied with my finished work. I believe it’s largely a matter of patience, I don’t take the time to twist the strands when changing the colours and can’t be bothered untangling the colours as I work.

4. Work with higher quality yarns. Not all the time, I just recently designed a mitten pattern and made a couple of pairs of mittens with Red Heart Super Saver Yarn and they are my favourite pairs of all times! A quick hint about this yarn as a side note, if it seems a little stiff, wash the finished item with a little bit of hair conditioner, it works wonders! I always end up cheaping out and not investing in new, higher quality yarns and just stick with the old standards. There is an abundance of riches out there just waiting to be explored!

5. Learn how to do Entrelac  – I did it (Entrelac)! The whole concept of this technique has always panicked me, and now that I have finally given it try, I feel rather silly, it was so much easier to understand than I expected, and really how can someone be afraid of a knitting technique?!

Entrelac finished

6. Learn 2 colour Brioche. This is a technique that I only recently discovered and it looks fascinating, how did miss this all of these years?

7. Knit myself a really nice sweater. NOT cheap yarn, NOT something quick and easy! Like most people who create, I hardly ever make anything for myself and whenever I do, I use old left over yarn and pick a pattern that won’t take much time. This year, I will make myself something awesome!

8. Tackle a more complex lace pattern that I have never tried before. I have always loved knitting lace patterns but tend to stick with slightly simpler designs. As with Fair Isle & Intarsia, it’s largely a matter of patience, I am drawn toward patterns that provide quick results.


9. Have at least 2 dozen patterns for sale in my Ravelry and Etsy stores. My pattern stores have been open only a short time and I am quite happy with the results but it is time to step it up a notch, add more patterns and start treating it as a business.

10. Learn double sided knitting. I haven’t really thought about trying this technique before although I have always liked the finished look. Another technique to add to my repetoire!

Double Knitting
I will post updates of my finished goals as I work through my list. What are your goals for this year? I would love to hear!

The photos included in this post are from two new books I just recently purchased on which I will be doing reviews in the near future:

Mastering Color Knitting, by Melissa Leapman – Fair Isle, Intarsia and Double Knitting.

750 Knitting Stitches, The Ultimate Knit Stitch Bible – Lace patterns.