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Holiday Sheep!

Here’s number 5 in the list of 7 new patterns!

Knit a whole herd of these woolly sheep and you’ll never have trouble

falling asleep again!


Pattern is now available for sale on Ravelry, Etsy, Love Knitting & Craftsy!

Creations, Original Patterns, Ornaments, Patterns for Sale

Wooly Waddling Penguins!

The newest pattern from MurisKnits is now available on Ravelry!


Your Holiday Tree would make a perfect home for a
Waddle of these Wooly little penguins!

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In the Beginning

I started MurisKnits just over two years ago and it has been quite an exciting adventure building the business and developing the ideas, patterns and strategies for moving forward. I found myself pondering how the whole experience began and thought it would be a fun story to share.

Jan 01 2015 Continue reading “In the Beginning”

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Arm Knitting Scarves

When I first heard of the craze of arm knitting, I thought it seemed a little pointless and wasn’t too impressed with the finished projects. Then one of my co-workers ran a class on arm knitting and I was hooked!  It’s fast, fun, and very satisfying.  A lot depends on the yarns you choose and and finishing techniques.  I enjoy using a heavy variegated yarn or yarns and adding a cuff with some beautiful buttons. The two pictured above are my very first efforts and I love how they turned out; soft, warm and perfect for the cold Canadian winters.