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Halloween Witch!

Happy Halloween!   Wicked never looked so cute!


Creations, Original Patterns, Ornaments, Patterns for Sale

Christmas Bees!

These unbee-lievably cute little bees would love to buzz around your holiday tree!

Creations, Free Patterns, Original Patterns, Ornaments

Knitting 2019 Calendar!

I am very excited about having one of my original holiday ornament patterns chosen to be published in the Knitting 2019 Calendar!!

Here’s the link if you are interesting in purchasing one of these lovely calendars which includes dozens of fabulous free patterns!

Andrew McMeel Publishing

2019 Calendar

The MurisKnits Wishing Angel pattern is available on December 3rd of the Knitting 2019 Calendar!


Creations, Original Patterns, Ornaments

Holiday Ballerinas Knitting Pattern!

The first of seven new patterns, these little knitted ballerinas are just Tutu cute!

Pattern is now available on Ravelry, Etsy, Love Knitting and Craftsy!

Creations, Original Patterns, Ornaments, Patterns for Sale, Toys

Warm Woolen Mittens!


This is the first in my Christmas Carol Critters series of patterns – Warm Woolen Mittens!!

Each pattern in this series will be based on one of my favourite Christmas Carols or stories.  Although not officially a Christmas Carol, “My Favourite Things” from “Sound of Music” has become very popular as a holiday song in recent years. I am a long-time fan of both the movie and the song, so I just had to include it in this series!

These little mice in their warm woolen mittens would make lovely child-friendly Christmas ornaments or even mini stockings!  Just imagine waking up to this little friend hanging by your bed or on your tree with his mitten full of tiny treats!


Creations, Original Patterns, Ornaments, Patterns for Sale, Toys

“L” is for Love Nest Pattern


Here’s the finished pattern image for “L” is for Love Nest!

It took me longer than usual to make my mental picture into an actual 3-dimensional item, but in the end, this is one of my personal favourites. I can’t wait to knit a few more of these, perhaps one in a combination of white and silver?!!