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“K” is for Kite (& also for Kangaroo)!

I am on a roll! I finished “I”, “J” & “K” in just 4 days, please don’t expect this level of speed to continue!

As part of my “A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge, I chose to knit a kite for K but I wasn’t sure what type of critter to use for my kite flyer, and then I received a commission from a friend to design a kangaroo! Perfect timing!!


Just for fun, here are some other knitted critters enjoying the kite!

I enjoyed designing and knitting the kangaroo so much that I have decided to make it available in my stores as one of my patterns for sale. I will be posting the pattern in the next couple of weeks!


Next up, “L” is for Love Nest!!

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Flower Mittens Pattern!


Just completed my next pattern for sale on my Ravelry and Etsy stores!  I love how well these mittens fit and because they are knit on a smaller needle size, the close, compact stitches really help keep out the cold.  The flower motifs add a small reminder that spring is just around the corner 🙂

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Holiday Friendly Folk Elves!


Here are the latest additions to the Friendly Folk Elf family!

The MurisKnits version of Kindness Elves, these little Friendly Folk love to help you and your family do kind deeds during the holiday season, and maybe all year long!

The Friendly Folk Elf pattern is available for sale on my Ravelry and Etsy sites.