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Search for More Energy!!

At first glance, this post may seem unrelated to my usual items focusing on knitting, however, for me it is very closely tied to my passion for my craft!

Not only do I spend somewhere in the neighbourhood of 6 hours a day knitting and developing patterns, but I also work a full-time job outside of the home.  Keeping up the level of energy required to continue at this pace was beginning to feel unattainable until the realization came to me that I was totally ignoring the need to provide my body with the fuel it requires.  Time to get back to focusing on a healthy diet!!

Healthy Fridge

This is my happy, healthy fridge today!!

I had drifted into the lazy habit of making meals from cans and frozen things. Granted, I was buying from the organic section of the grocery store, so these options were still healthier than many other choices, but fresh fruit and vegetables were sadly lacking. Not only had I found that my energy levels were dropping, but my food choices were not leaving me feeling satisfied and were so lacking in colour and flavour!

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