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June Project Collage

Looking back over June, I was feeling very much like I had been extremely unproductive. Very few blog posts and, although I knit everyday, every chance I get, I couldn’t remember finishing much at all. I decided to take a page out of my artist daughter’s book and create a sort of collage of monthly projects to really get a clear picture of just how much I had actually accomplished last month!

June Projects

  1. 2nd sample for K is for Kangaroo pattern.
  2. 1st sample for Two-Tone Texture Wrist Warmer pattern.
  3. 2nd sample for Trellis Fair Isle Cowl pattern.
  4. 2nd sample for Mosaic Slip Stitch Hat pattern. (I will be adding this pattern to my shops today!)
  5. I is for Inchworm.
  6. Commission for baby sweater and hat.
  7. J is for Jewelry Box.
  8. 2nd sample for Two-Tone Texture Wrist Warmer pattern.
  9. Busy Birthday Beavers for the EtsyCA150+ Canada birthday event (this is actually 3 finished items as the pattern includes instructions for 3 sizes and I completed one of each!)
  10. Broken Leg Bird, I designed this for a friend’s little boy who broke his leg this month.
  11. Basket Weave Cable Hat and Wrist Warmer pattern. (I will be adding this pattern to my shops today)!

After creating the collage (no way am I re-doing it!), I realized that I missed a project. I completed the below as a commission for a friend’s golf & cat-loving brother’s 60th birthday!


In addition to these finished items, I also have a few WIPs started in June. Putting this together has definitely helped me feel a lot more content with my June productivity. I will certainly have to make this a monthly habit. Hopefully, July’s collage with be even bigger!!

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Time to Start Planning for Winter!

I know, it sounds ridiculous and numerous individuals are probably going to want to smack me for saying it, but when you are talking about something like knitting, you really do need to start early!

Whether you are creating additions for your own wardrobe, making gifts for family and friends, or preparing for holiday craft shows, time is not on your side when you produce goods that are quite time consuming to complete. That’s why I am in the process of finalizing a number of patterns for winter accessories!

Two-Tone Texture41

I just added the pattern for my Two-Tone Textured Wrist Warmers yesterday.  I loved designing this pattern and was so impressed with the Lion Brand Landscapes yarn used for the warmers pictured above. I used a Red Heart Super Saver yarn for the ones below, making it a very inexpensive but equally attractive option!


Now that I have discovered a liking for working on double pointed needles, after 40 years of avoiding them, I have a multitude of new pattern ideas milling about in my head!

I posted my newest cowl pattern earlier this month, pictured above, and have just started another new pattern today for a hat and wrist warmer set which I plan to publish next week, so if you are looking for winter projects to add to your knitting wish list, please stop by for a visit!



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In the Beginning

I started MurisKnits just over two years ago and it has been quite an exciting adventure building the business and developing the ideas, patterns and strategies for moving forward. I found myself pondering how the whole experience began and thought it would be a fun story to share.

Jan 01 2015 Continue reading “In the Beginning”

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Fair Isle Cowl

This cowl is the first step on my path to improve my fair isle skills which was one of my  goals for 2017. While pursuing this goal, I realized that I had never actually studied the process but had just blindly followed the habits passed on to me by my mother and other knitters I have known.  I have always twisted my yarns at the back of the row at every colour change as I was taught and could never understand why my fair isle looked so much lumpier than others!

I purchased Melissa Leapman’s book “Mastering Color Knitting” from Amazon recently, and found a few good resources at my local library also. Here are some of the hints I picked up:

1. Yarn tension is extremely important! Fairly obvious of course, but the idea that tension was greatly affected by dropping one colour whenever you begin to work with the next colour was new to me.  Keeping a consistent tension requires holding both colours at all times; one in each hand, both in the left hand, or both in the right hand, whichever feels most comfortable. I found that holding both in my right hand works for me.

2. It  is important to be consistent with the position of the strands of the yarns. Whichever colour you wish to appear dominant should be carried below the other yarn and this positioning should remain the same throughout. This also creates much more even, smooth floats on the reverse side.  In the past, I have paid absolutely no attention to the position of the yarns and am quite amazed at the difference it makes!

3. Carry your floats evenly and loosely across the back of your work.  I knew that this was important, but always felt that if I allowed my floats to be loose, my stitches would also look too loose and therefore had a tendency to pull my yarns too tight creating a puckered look.  Try spreading out the stitches where you are carrying your yarns to help create a looser float.

4. Most of the resources I used suggesting not carrying your yarn more than 1″ across the back of your work. I had always believed that it was a hard and fast rule to only allow 3 stitches before catching in the yarn being carried. When a longer float is necessary, don’t twist the yarns, just catch in the yarn being carried, bringing it under the working yarn on a knit row and over the working yarn on a purl row.

I don’t consider my fair isle improvement journey at an end just yet, this project was just the beginning!  My true test will be to try a much more intricate pattern with a finer yarn which I have planned for “M is for Mitten” in my “A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge!

Stay tuned…..

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“A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge – C is for Cowl

C is for Cowl, and C is also for complete! The next item in my “A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge can be crossed off the list!

I really love this lace pattern and it is much simpler to knit than it looks. I am looking forward to knitting it in some other yarns as well, possibly a variegated next time.  It is the perfect length and so comfortable to wear!