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“A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge – “H” is for Hat!

Another one of my “A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge items is complete! I am super happy with this one, not only is it the first hat pattern I have ever designed, but I also created the mosaic stitch pattern, and I knit the whole thing on double pointed needles! Crazy as it sounds, I have never knit anything on double pointed needles in my over 40 years of knitting!

So, that’s two more items I can cross off my challenge lists, knitting something on double pointed needles is one of the items on  my Knitting Goals for 2017. I have attempted knitting on dpns many times but found it awkward and uncomfortable, so instead of sticking with it, I either avoided patterns using dpns or converted them to straight needles.  This time I stuck with it and I am slightly embarrassed to say that I really enjoyed it once I got over the beginning awkwardness!  I am looking forward to doing more with dpns and have already started the 2nd hat using solid colours to make the mosaic pattern more defined.

Next on the “A” to “Z” Challenge is “I” is for Inchworm. I have a really fun idea for this one so please stick around to see the results.  It might be awhile as I am working on multiple other projects as well. It is impossible to knit only one thing at once! Well, isn’t it???!


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“A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge – G is for Granny!

For anyone keeping track of my “A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge, you may have noticed that “F” is for Frost Flower is missing!  No, I have not forgotten about the letter F and the Frost Flower pattern is underway, however, as it is a longer term project, I decided that it would not be breaking the rules of the challenge to move onto the next letter ahead of time! After all, I made up the rules 🙂

I am happy to introduce “G” is for Granny!


I have made a few dolls using versions of this pattern but wanted to spend some time perfecting the shaping and the finishing techniques.  I will be making another couple of samples to test my pattern over the next week or so and once complete, I will be adding the pattern to my Ravelry and Etsy stores.

Now, just to prove that F is not forgotten, here is my WIP for “F” is for Frost Flower.

Frost Flower2

I really love this lace pattern and am very happy with the yarn I chose, Moonstone Metallic Shawl in a Ball by Lion Brand, purchased from Yarn Canada.

I hope to finish this project in the next two or three weeks and will also be starting on “H” is for hat!

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“A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge – E is for Earring

Here is my latest entry for the “A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge – E is for Earring!

I knit these little flowers with a fine sock yarn and then just added some beads and an earring hook, I can’t wait to make more in a variety of colours!

Next on the challenge list is F is for Frost Flower. The Frost Flower lace pattern is one of my favourites of all times and I found the perfect yarn for it during my recent online yarn shopping spree at I will be doing a review of my shopping experience with Yarn Canada, I am a very happy customer!!

Here’s my Frost Flower yarn, I am so looking forward to getting started on this project!


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“A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge – C is for Cowl

C is for Cowl, and C is also for complete! The next item in my “A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge can be crossed off the list!

I really love this lace pattern and it is much simpler to knit than it looks. I am looking forward to knitting it in some other yarns as well, possibly a variegated next time.  It is the perfect length and so comfortable to wear!

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“A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge – B is for Bracelet

Well, I am quite surprised at myself for finishing my second item for the “A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge, in such a timely manner!

The rough idea has worked out quite well, although I still want to do some fine tuning of the pattern before finalizing it.  I will have to do another sample or two before the final draft, but I am really very happy with the result.

I have never really incorporated beads in my knitting before, so I used this an opportunity to try it out and came to the realization that I need some beads with larger holes before I can do much more!

The bracelet, or cuff, is very comfortable to wear and is a wonderful knitting tool. It can be used to hold cable needles, crochet hooks or darning needles while you work.  This is especially helpful for me as I usually hold them in my mouth or lay them on my lap and end up sitting on them!

Cowl is next on the challenge list and I have already made a start, I am loving it already and can’t wait to share!!





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“A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge – A is for Apple

I have completed the first item in my “A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge!

A is for Apple, AKA, The Early Bird gets the Worm!

This little bird was up early enough to catch a big worm, but not to eat! These new friends will be munching their way through apples together for many years to come!

The pattern for these little friends will be available for sale in my Ravelry and Etsy shops soon!

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“A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge


I have seen this title used before often referring to knitting terms and techniques.  I am being a little more literal however. Over the next X number of days (I really don’t know how long this will take), I will be knitting something starting with, or relating to, every letter of the alphabet!  I am really excited about this challenge!!  I will post my finished items as they are completed!

A is for Apple. I know, it sounds remarkably predictable doesn’t it?  But this one has a twist!

B is for Bracelet.  I have always wanted to develop a pattern for a knitted bracelet so this is the perfect opportunity!

C is for Cowl.  I have a cowl design in my head that is just itching to get out!

D is for Daffodil. In honour of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day April 27th, 2017!

E is for Earrings. Dainty and intricate, not something I excel at so this one is a challenge!

F is for Frost Flower. I have been in awe of the Frost Flower lace pattern for many years – time to give it a try!

G is for Granny. Knitting is not just for Grannies, but why not knit one!?

H is for Hat. A hat knit on double pointed needles, I never knit on double point needles!!

I is for Inch Worm. “Inch Worm, Inch Worm measuring the marigolds”.

J is for Jewelry Box. Think outside the box!

K is for Kite. “Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest heights!”

L is for Love Nest. Love is sweet!

M is for Mittens. I am smitten with mittens!

N is for Net. It’s what’s inside the net that counts!!

O is for October. October 31st to be more specific – Spooky!

P is for Pussy Willows. Fuzzy & cute!

Q is for Queen Bee. I am all abuzz with my ideas for this one!

R is for Reindeer. Santa’s lesser known reindeer!

S is for Shawl. Warm & Woolie!

T is for Tea. There is nothing cozier than a hot cup of tea, but don’t burn your hands!

U is for Umbrella. When life gives you a rainy day, play in the puddles!

V is for Valentine. Love with every fibre of your being!

W is for Wine. Why not top off your meal with a nice bottle of wine!

X is for “X” marks the spot.  A pirate of sorts is the plan for this one!

Y is for Yarn. That’s right, the only requirement here is that it has to be made with yarn!

Z is for Zipper. I always avoid inserting zippers in my knitted items. Time to zip this one up!

I have included an image of my list of challenge words for those who want to join in and share with others! If you want to join in, tag your posts with “azknittingchallenge”. Enjoy!