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Knitting 2019 Calendar!

I am very excited about having one of my original holiday ornament patterns chosen to be published in the Knitting 2019 Calendar!!

Here’s the link if you are interesting in purchasing one of these lovely calendars which includes dozens of fabulous free patterns!

Andrew McMeel Publishing

2019 Calendar

The MurisKnits Wishing Angel pattern is available on December 3rd of the Knitting 2019 Calendar!


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Flower Earrings Free Pattern!

I originally designed this pattern as part of my “A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge, “E” is for Earring and I have had so many comments from co-workers, friends, and strangers whenever I wear them, that I decided it would be fun to share the pattern!


This is a very easy pattern for knitters of all levels, but with beautiful results!

If you would like to create some of these lovely earrings for yourself or as a gift, please visit my Ravelry store to download the free pattern!

Please free to use and share this pattern in any way you choose! I would appreciate a link back to this pattern if you do choose to share it, thank you & enjoy:)

Creations, Free Patterns, Original Patterns, Ornaments

Free Pattern – PomPom Poodles


This pattern was inspired by Christmas ornaments that my Aunt used to make when I was a child.  She used satin Christmas balls for the body with felt for the ears and tongue, but I thought it would be fun to create a knitted version.

It is a very easy and inexpensive pattern, perfect for secret santa or teacher’s gifts!  I think my Aunt would have been proud to see her pattern reproduced in yarn.

I have offered this pattern for free on my Ravelry site, please follow the link below if you would like to make your own PomPom Poodle!

PomPom Poodle Pattern