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“A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge – B is for Bracelet

Well, I am quite surprised at myself for finishing my second item for the “A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge, in such a timely manner!

The rough idea has worked out quite well, although I still want to do some fine tuning of the pattern before finalizing it.  I will have to do another sample or two before the final draft, but I am really very happy with the result.

I have never really incorporated beads in my knitting before, so I used this an opportunity to try it out and came to the realization that I need some beads with larger holes before I can do much more!

The bracelet, or cuff, is very comfortable to wear and is a wonderful knitting tool. It can be used to hold cable needles, crochet hooks or darning needles while you work.  This is especially helpful for me as I usually hold them in my mouth or lay them on my lap and end up sitting on them!

Cowl is next on the challenge list and I have already made a start, I am loving it already and can’t wait to share!!






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