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Daily Prompt – Luck

As much as I would like to join in the daily prompt regularly, the words just haven’t resonated with me as something I could incorporate into my posts in relation to knitting, until today’s word.

Every time I pick up my needles, or start planning a new pattern in my head (usually at 3am) I realize how lucky I am to have found something that I am so passionate about.  Until recently, I thought of myself as a very logical, more academic type of personality without much of an artistic side and I was rather overwhelming envious of individuals with the ability to create.

The sudden realization, about two years ago, that I could do more with my craft than just follow other knitters’ patterns, was like a light bulb turning on, or more like a whole crystal chandelier of bulbs turning on! There is absolutely nothing wrong with following others’ patterns if that is what you enjoy and it brings you satisfaction, but for me, it left me feeling empty and I almost lost interest in knitting all together.

Developing my skills and ideas has been quite a journey and will no doubt continue to be so. I find that the more I let my imagination take over, the more it grows. I now have multiple notebooks full of doodles and ideas, so many that I will certainly not be able to create them all in my lifetime! Like any other skill, imagination is something which has to be nurtured and trained in order to excel.

As my passion for my craft has grown, so too has my positive outlook. I can’t wait to get up in the morning, even on a regular work day, at least I can knit before I go to work, and share my latest project with some of my coworkers!

The rewards have been plentiful; the people I have met with similar passions, the stories they have shared, the pleasure some of my creations and patterns have brought to others, and the opportunity to impart and explore my ideas and knowledge. On a more materialistic side, I have been lucky enough to receive patterns and yarn from friends, coworkers, mild acquaintances, and even complete strangers! When I hit periods of self doubt, this encouragement from others reminds me that I am on the right path.

It took a few decades for my passion to find me and the journey is not always an easy one, but don’t ever give up on finding yours. Having something that overwhelms you with happiness is the best luck in the world!

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