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“A” to “Z” Knitting Challenge


I have seen this title used before often referring to knitting terms and techniques.  I am being a little more literal however. Over the next X number of days (I really don’t know how long this will take), I will be knitting something starting with, or relating to, every letter of the alphabet!  I am really excited about this challenge!!  I will post my finished items as they are completed!

A is for Apple. I know, it sounds remarkably predictable doesn’t it?  But this one has a twist!

B is for Bracelet.  I have always wanted to develop a pattern for a knitted bracelet so this is the perfect opportunity!

C is for Cowl.  I have a cowl design in my head that is just itching to get out!

D is for Daffodil. In honour of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day April 27th, 2017!

E is for Earrings. Dainty and intricate, not something I excel at so this one is a challenge!

F is for Frost Flower. I have been in awe of the Frost Flower lace pattern for many years – time to give it a try!

G is for Granny. Knitting is not just for Grannies, but why not knit one!?

H is for Hat. A hat knit on double pointed needles, I never knit on double point needles!!

I is for Inch Worm. “Inch Worm, Inch Worm measuring the marigolds”.

J is for Jewelry Box. Think outside the box!

K is for Kite. “Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest heights!”

L is for Love Nest. Love is sweet!

M is for Mittens. I am smitten with mittens!

N is for Net. It’s what’s inside the net that counts!!

O is for October. October 31st to be more specific – Spooky!

P is for Pussy Willows. Fuzzy & cute!

Q is for Queen Bee. I am all abuzz with my ideas for this one!

R is for Reindeer. Santa’s lesser known reindeer!

S is for Shawl. Warm & Woolie!

T is for Tea. There is nothing cozier than a hot cup of tea, but don’t burn your hands!

U is for Umbrella. When life gives you a rainy day, play in the puddles!

V is for Valentine. Love with every fibre of your being!

W is for Wine. Why not top off your meal with a nice bottle of wine!

X is for “X” marks the spot.  A pirate of sorts is the plan for this one!

Y is for Yarn. That’s right, the only requirement here is that it has to be made with yarn!

Z is for Zipper. I always avoid inserting zippers in my knitted items. Time to zip this one up!

I have included an image of my list of challenge words for those who want to join in and share with others! If you want to join in, tag your posts with “azknittingchallenge”. Enjoy!



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