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Pattern Presents from the Past

I have a tendency to surround myself with some of my knitted creations where ever I can, even my desk at work is littered with various items which make me smile! Recently, this habit brought me some amazing luck!

An older lady came into my office with a general inquiry, and seeing all of my knitted ornaments and wreath, asked me if I was the knitter. Her mother, an avid knitter, had recently passed away and she was trying to find someone who would feel the same love and passion for her collection of patterns.


Knitting patterns

As I always do when someone asks me about knitting, I spouted off like an over active tea kettle and she left saying she would bring me some of the patterns another day.  A month or two went by and I had forgotten about the episode when she turned up again with a box so full of patterns I could barely pick it up!  I tried to thank her and ask what she wanted in return, but the exchange was obviously making her very emotional, so she pretty much dropped the box and ran.

Thankfully, I know how to get in touch with her through her daughter, so she is getting a hand-knit present as a thank you whether she likes it or not!!! I just need to decide what to knit, everything I think of just doesn’t seem special enough.

The patterns included some of my childhood favourites like the two pictured below. I very clearly remember making the panda, the duck and turtle and many of the other patterns within these books.

The most amazing find, however, was a knitting pattern book from WWII!

Many of the pages are falling out and some are missing completely, but there are also many complete patterns and flipping through it is like living a little bit of history!  My favourite is the page below which is a jingle for Lux Laundry Flakes for handwashing!

Knitting patterns6
The time range covered by this collection is fascinating, ranging from 1940 to about 2001, probably the original owner’s entire adult life. From the WWII books from which she may have made items for soldiers who never returned, to baby clothing patterns made for her first child, patterns for toddlers, teens, adults and seniors. I literally sobbed the first time I looked through collection (and I am sobbing again as I read this). It felt like I was stepping back in time and seeing life through her eyes.

I am so thankful that I was chosen as the new owner for these patterns and plan to create a organized, safe storage area for them in order to preserve them for years to come. (I guess I should start by not letting the cat sit on them!)


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