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What Inspires you?

I am constantly surprising myself with my sources of inspiration.  There are the more obvious things, like someone else’s finished work, nature, or piece of art, but I find that the more I let my imagination loose, the more things bring me inspiration.

I live in a fairly small Atlantic coast city and have an amazing view from my apartment window of the city and the harbour. This morning, I am watching smoke coming out of a large chimney stack at the Children’s Hospital a couple of blocks away, and I am suddenly overwhelmed with an idea for a fat fluffy white sheep! Is this normal?


I am lucky that the most important person in my life, my son, is a successful artist, so I have someone who understands me, well most of the time anyway! Co-workers, however, are another thing entirely!  They often look a little confused and perhaps even afraid when in the middle of a meeting, my eyes suddenly glaze over and I stare into the middle distance. Snapped out of my revery, by a nudge or a questioning comment, I apologize saying “Sorry, I just had a idea for a new pattern”!

On occasion, strangers on the street have nearly run up my back due to me stopping suddenly to examine  a pretty leaf on the ground ablaze with colours perfect for my next scarf!


I have even been known to take a photo of a bowl of lentils and spinach or some such thing!

The list goes on and on, what inspires you? I would love to hear!


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