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Book Review – The Knitting Stitch Bible

There are many knitting stitch books available, probably more than we can count, but my favourite is still “The Knitting Stitch Bible” by Maria Parry-Jones, published by Krause Publications. I have owned this book for about 12 to 15 years, and thankfully it is still available on  I am not a crocheter, but for anyone interested, I also saw a listing for “The Crochet Stitch Bible”.

Knitting Stitch Bible.png

One of the many features I appreciate with this book is the wire binding which makes it easy to keep open at the page of your choice.  The compact size is also a benefit, I often don’t have a lot of surface space when I am knitting and this publication fits easily on to my lap or a small occasional table.

Knitting Stitch Bible2

I love the pictorial table of contents which allows for easy browsing of the over 250 stitches available, providing a quick view of the stitch as well the appropriate page. I sometimes flip through the table of contents just to be inspired by the variety of textures and colours.

The sections include; Knit & purl, Rib, Cable, Bobble, Lace, Fair Isle, Intarsia, and Sequins & Beads, all colour coded making it easy to find the individual sections. There are 256 pages of inspiration in this book and it is a never ending source of ideas for my knitting projects.

Knitting Stitch Bible3

The individual stitch instruction pages include a good sized, clear picture of the stitch and a very easy to follow chart. Also included is the yarn used for the example and the multiple of stitches required. Most pages include a  blank section  which I often use to jot down notes, pattern ideas or doodles for my next project!

Knitting Stitch Bible4.png

The colours included in the Fair Isle and Intarsia sections are bright and clear and always make me wish I were more adept at these two techniques (definitely something to work toward).

Knitting Stitch Bible6

The index of chart symbols is nicely organized and contains clear, concise instructions.

At the front, there is a helpful section on how to use this book as well some useful knitting resources, and the last page contains an in-depth list of commonly used abbreviations.

I consider this my main knitting resource when designing and it is always the first book I reach for when I am stuck for inspiration.  On a less useful note, it just feels nice to hold  and it makes me smile!!

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