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Yarn Storage Solved!

I have always struggled with efficient, inexpensive ways of storing my yarn. Living in a small space means every inch counts and I have lots of yarn! My latest attempt is awesome!!

Yarn Storage3.png

I purchased the two 3 x 3  cube shelves from Walmart online for only about $40 each and the cloth bins at my local dollar store for under $2.00 each.  Having this many bins allows me to separate most of my different types and weights.

I created the labels for the bins using the back of my old business cards but recipe cards or index cards would work just as well.  A few fold back clips hold the labels in place.

Inside the bins, I have used small zip lock bags to contain all of the small balls of yarn separated by colour, and for those pesky loose ends that always unravel and create tangles, I purchased some cheap hair clips at the dollar store to hold them in place (I would love to give credit to whoever thought of this, but I can’t remember where I originally saw this idea, so thank you whoever you are!)

Yarn Storage4

For other craft supplies this jewelry organizer, also purchased from the dollar store, is perfect!

Yarn Storage

I love my new craft room, it is small but extremely efficient and inspiring!

Craft roomCraft room2


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