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I have overcome my fear of Entrelac!!

The last step is a row of triangles, completed as follows;
With right side facing, pick up 9 stitches for a total of 10.
Slip 1, P9, turn, K9 ssk, turn
Slip 1, P7, P2tog, turn, K8, ssk, turn
Slip 1, P6, P2tog, turn, K7, ssk, turn
Slip 1, P5, P2tog, turn, K6, ssk, turn
Slip 1, P4, P2tog, turn, K5, ssk, turn
Slip 1, P3, P2tog, turn, K4, ssk, turn
Slip 1, P2, P2tog, turn, K3, ssk, turn
Slip 1, P1, P2tog, turn, K2, ssk, turn
Slip 1, P2tog, turn, K1, ssk, turn
P2tog, turn, ssk, do not turn. Leave the remaining stitch on the right hand needle.



Complete the above for the remaining three triangles, picking up the 9 stitches along the edge of the rectangles from the previous row, cut yarn and fasten off, sew in your ends and that’s it!! 

Here is my finished piece:


I decided to add a border and turn it into a doll blanket!

Entrelac finished

Entrelac blanket.png

I hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have!  I have gained a great deal of satisfaction by overcoming my feeling of intimidation at the thought of this technique and it has definitely encouraged me to work on other techniques with which I am not very confident.  I will definitely be doing more projects using Entrelac!

I have been looking into other techniques that I have not yet tried and I think the next one will Brioche!  This one looks even more complicated, so wish me luck!


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