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Overcoming my fear of Entrelac – Part 4

Now that the left side triangle is complete it’s time to start the first rectangle.

With the wrong side facing pick up and purl 10 stitches along the edge of the last triangle in the beginning row of triangles.

Turn the work so the right side is facing and work the first rectangle:
Slip 1, K9, turn.
P9, p2tog, turn.
Repeat the above two steps 9 times.
Slip 1, K9, turn. P9, p2tog.
Don’t turn.

Repeat this step for the other rectangles, picking up 10 sts along the edge of the next triangle in the row of initial triangles, and repeating the steps above.

Just one more step and this section is complete, the right triangle.

With the wrong side facing, pick up and purl 10 sts along the edge of the last triangle.

K 1, k2tog, k 7. Turn. P9.
Turn. K 1, k2tog, k6. Turn. P8.
Turn. K 1, k2tog, k5. Turn. P7.
Turn. K 1, k2tog, k4. Turn. P6.
Turn. K 1, k2tog, k3. Turn. P5.
Turn .K1, k2tog. K2. Turn. P4.
Turn. K1, K2tog, K1. Turn. P3.
Turn. K1, K2tog. Turn. P2.
Turn. K2tog. Don’t turn.
The first row of rectangles is now complete and should look like this. You will have one stitch on the right needle, I just slipped it on the left needle for the purpose of this photo.


I love watching how this pattern starts to come together, the construction process is quite fascinating!
I also discovered during this process, that using two colours proved to be a benefit rather than a hindrance.  It makes it so much easier to see where one triangle or rectangle ends and next one starts!

Next comes the section with only rectangles so things are definitely looking up!


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