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Overcoming my fear of Entrelac – Part 3

Creating the rectangles (not quite yet)!

I couldn’t quite resist adding a second colour for this step, nothing like making things even more difficult!

What I didn’t realize until I got started is that there is actually another step before creating the first row of rectangles – the left side triangle!

Here’s how the triangle is created:

P2, turn. K1, m1, k1, turn.
P2, p2tog, turn. K2, m1, k1, turn.
P3, p2tog, turn. K3, m1, k1, turn.
P4, p2tog, turn. K4, m1, k1, turn.
P5, p2tog, turn. K5, m1, k1, turn.
P6, p2tog, turn. K6, m1, k1, turn.
P7, p2tog, turn. K7, m1, k1, turn.
P8, p2tog, turn. K8, m1, k1, turn.
P9, p2tog. Don’t turn.

All of the patterns I found indicated to knit the first stitches after each turn following the P2tog, which I did for the first few rows. Then I decided to try slipping the first stitch after each turn. I did this for the last few rows and I found it gave a much neater edge.


Once again, this was much less intimidating than expected and I am starting to get quite excited about the process.  Next step, rectangles!




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