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Overcoming my fear of Entrelac – Part 2

First stage complete! I have finished the base triangles which are the first step for this process.  The actual process is very easy:

Cast on 40 sts.
I used 40 stitches for the purposes of this lesson (4 base triangles of 10 stitches each),  but any number of stitches can be used as long as the number is divisible by the number of base triangles. For example, cast on 36 stitches for 6 base triangles of 6 stitches each.

First triangle:
K2, turn, P2, turn
K3, turn, P3, turn
K4, turn, P4, turn
K5, turn, P5, turn
K6, turn, P6, turn
K7, turn, P7, turn
K8, turn, P8, turn
K9, turn, P9, turn
K10, do not turn.
Repeat above for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th triangles.

When I looked at what I had created after completing the four base triangles, I had that old familiar feeling of “what the heck is this, what am I going to do with it and how on earth does this create the beautiful entrelac items I have seen?”


However, when I separated the triangles onto separate needles, I started to get an inkling of what was to come and some of the fear began to dissipate!


Next step – Rectangles! The question is, should I be daring and add a second colour, or stick with the basics and use only one until I know what I am doing?


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